Project Management

Birmingham Recruitment Consultants Project Management services.

“A first class 360° service”

Orchard Oak Recruitment is able to work with clients to provide a first class 360° service.

Our services also include Project Management solutions for clients. Orchard Oak Recruitment is able to work with you on special projects where maybe volume staff are required for short term solutions.

For example, we work very closely with a client who provides document management solutions to the NHS. There projects tend to be national and reactive to the clients particular needs. Using Orchard Oak Recruitment this client is able to use our project management services to outsource the labour at a cost effective rate, whilst concentrating on delivering against their own KPI’s.

As a combined resource, the end client receives a quality all round service which is an extension of the Document Solution Business. Thus keeping it within the family and making your business value for money and above the competition.

For further information on this service, please contact a member of the team on 07989 959 008 or